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This infographic is created after listening to Phil Brown, one of the podcast guests for ”What is the answer for successful marketing?” episode. He is  currently a Sydney-based brand consultant freelancer. Being a former head of content strategist at King Content, he discusses his strategy on how to achieve branding clarity by following his 4 simple steps. I further elaborate each step through additional readings. These 4 steps are the key for strategist to ensure that the right story is being communicated to the right audience.

No matter what marketing process you are looking for, whether it is on creating brand for your company, launching a new product or campaign, we always start with understanding our market. One interesting idea that I found interesting is Brand Pillars comes before Brand Persona. We often based our company identity based on the persona we created. Instead, he proposes a unique way to actually who we are as a company first and then finding out the ideal customer. I feel that this is a more authentic way to get to reach the right audience. This is because, once you created the company’s personality, you will eventually attract the audience that you want. 

Another interesting point that he shared was a comparison between having in-house and external strategist. He mentioned that “Politics and bureaucracy affect brand building if it is done in-house”. I always thought that in-house strategist would always be better as you have the best understanding of the company. However, now I believe that having a fresh pair of eyes and ears would help to build the company’s identity better.

Content Strategy in a snapshot

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