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Throughout my internship journey here in Sydney, I’ve had the privilege to work at Financials for Office365 (now known as Wiise) and Gault&Millau. Financials provides services for online accounting system while Gault&Millau is a food publisher company. Just like any student who had never done copywriting before, I had the misconception that every article that I wrote has to be packed with industry jargons and theories. Well, glad to say that I was wrong.

For me, copywriting is about understanding your target market, especially their values. For example, you are selling a CRM software for a restaurant and writing an article for a restaurant owner. With selling as the main purpose, the writing tone should be persuasive and informative- equipped with facts and figures, in chronological order building to action points and a little splash of their industry jargon. Different from writing an article for diners, which would be more entertaining and descriptive.

So, these are my online articles archive that I would constantly update:

Company: Financials for Office365

Top 5 things to account for as a distributor

Why join (Financials’) marketplace?

Company: Gault&Millau

The rise of plant-based eating

Company: and chill

Recognising Bad Property Advice

Interview with Dr Asti on Australia’s Short-Term Rental Market

And that’s the snapshot of my writing online! I’m still happily learning and yes, according to my motto, will not stop challenging myself for greater heights- or in this case, better writing!

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