Days of Note’ UX Workshop- Samsung X General Assembly

Stunning place. Extraordinary workshop. Funny coaches. What more can I ask?

Recently I attended ‘How to Win at UX’ workshop as a part of Days of Note event by Samsung, in partnership with General Assembly.

If you are not familiar with what General Assembly is, they are the leader in education and career transformation institution. They pioneer experiential education according to today’s skill demand. Among them are programs in digital marketing, user experience design, data science and more. You can check them out here!

On the other hand, Samsung recently launched their Galaxy Note9. This beautiful collaboration between Samsung and General assembly is how Days of Note came about.

Flaming the spirit of entrepreneurship within all of us, Days of Note provide a series of workshops to help those who are planning or currently running their side hustle. Truth to be told, I believe most of the entrepreneurial flame is extinguished just as quickly it was lit. Thus, these workshops serve as encouragement where you can pick up that motivation again and help you go back in track, turning your passion a reality. Not only we get to use the new Galaxy Note9, get to bring home leather-bound book, look at the stunning space where the lesson was held!

Image source: Days Of Note

The whole workshop lasted for 3 hours, but it zoomed by because I truly enjoyed it. This has been the most enjoyable workshop I’ve attended, full of laughter and hands-on activities. For example, we get to design a smartphone for an elderly user, create a storyboarding for purchasing present on Amazon and analysing a current website/app using LEMErS, the principles of usability. As you can see, there is a lot of action going on where we didn’t just sit down and listen.

I am very grateful to have attended this workshop (Thanks, Facebook ads!). Samsung has done exceptionally well on Galaxy9 launch strategy. It goes beyond informing on the new features but also inspire and educate people. Firstly, it attracts a non-Samsung user (like me) as they sneakily conceal the fact that it is part of their product launch event. Secondly, according to customer purchase cycle, it doesn’t stop at ‘Awareness’. People are given a Galaxy9 to explore and try their most prominent feature- yes, you guessed it, their note-taking ability. Galaxy9 comes with a stylus that allows you to quickly jot down anything, even when your screen is locked. Thus, this brings us to the ‘Research’ and ‘Comparison’ stage, just one step away from ‘Purchase’. I would say that this is a win-win, but since there are 3 parties involved (Samsung, General Assembly and us), it is a win-win-win!

My two cents on this workshop-

Being a university student, I often felt that what I learnt in university does not necessarily translate to workplace skill I needed. Likewise, the fact that the workplace is constantly changing means that you should be equipped with the right skills by the time you start your career.

For example, throughout my marketing journey in university, we have been using the concept of ‘persona’ on pretty much, everything. This encompasses customer’s demographic, behaviour pattern, goal and motivation. While this approach is helpful for some cases, I realised that there are limitations to it- after I attended this workshop and was introduced UX.

It’s surprising that the concept of UX was first introduced in the mid-1990s. The concept kept evolving to meet the demand in today’s consumer-focus world. Now, it is by no surprise that it became one of the most-sought skill where I kept stumbling upon ‘UX/UI Designer’ on job listings, workshop and even news articles. Although UX is closer to a design concept rather than marketing, there are many overlapping ideas and knowledge between both. Therefore, introducing UX in any marketing course would be useful, especially for introducing new product/service.

That’s why I urge everyone to join (free) workshop outside of your school! Not only you learn something, you can apply it to your project, side hustle and it might even open a new career path for you. Just like me, my interest in UX has just started and I have been thinking that this might possibly be a new career path for me.

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